Monday, July 20, 2009

EDM Podcasts 09

After listening to both podcasts there is a lot we could of all done to improve them. It being our first one i thought it went great.

After watching the podcasts I was involved in I thought we could had went more in depth with our questions and responses. We really only touched bases with many topics. There is so much more we could had talked about while dealing with readers/writers and listener/watchers.

After watching Kitty and Nichol's podcast I thought they did a fantastic job by asking the thought provoking questions, but they got way off subject. It was fun to watch where they went with it, but they had said they were going to talk about one thing and switched i think they could had drawn Dr. Strange back in with a topic more on subject.

I did think everything g went good with both and I think after a few more we could all definitely master the technique.

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