Monday, July 20, 2009

The Technology Literate Teacher

"What do you have to know, be able to do, and have experienced to be a "technologically literate teacher." These were questions asked to answer after watching the videos or "Next Generation Learning", "Will Richardson", "Networked Student", "PS22 Chorus", and "Viki Davis". After watching them I gained a lot more knowledge about technology literate teachers. I found that you need to know about all the new social networking sites and have an understanding that not giving students an education about technology in the 21st century is academic malpractice.

Teachers should be able to communicate with others on social network sites and they should be able to understand that you should not know everything about technology. The whole point is to learn new things as you are going along. Be able to be teachable. Your students can teach you just as much as you can teach them.

To be technology literate one should experience the Internet. Don't be afraid to push a button. Experience is the best learning tool anyone could have. New experiences come with new knowledge. This knowledge is what will make or break you as a teacher.

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