Monday, July 20, 2009

Plus or Minus a Classroom Blog

I read all the blogs published by Kitty Ruzic. She was very good at capturing every essence of the underlying questions of each blog, How can technology help me? There are both pluses and minuses that come along with doing a class blog. In all there seems to be more pluses.

The only realy minus I can think of is that you are required to read certain blogs or podcasts by other people. I think it could be better if you oculd possibly get to choose your own blogs to write about. This would give you the freedom of choice and prove that you can find responsive and thought provoking blogs that deal with technological issues teachers might face.

A plus of doing the blogs is that the students learns how to collaborate with others while also learning that the best work isn't totally done alone that it takes many differnt people with different ideas and thoughts together to come up with many great ideas all dealing with a central thought.

Another really great plus about class blogs is that it introduces many students to what the future will soon be like. It allows them to interact and learn about new ideas that technology has to offer. If also proves to them that, yes, the future is coming and people need to be ready for what it has instore.

The future is moving closer and closer to technology taking over the world and for teachers to be on the know about it now will help our students today be more prosporous and educated about whats to come. This will inturn help everyone.

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