Monday, July 20, 2009

Podcast Intro

After listening to the podcasts I can definitly say I never thought it was so much work to be able to know how to find them and know what to listen for. I did like how one of the podcast gave you refrences for others if you wanted more information that made it a lot easier if you were doing an assigment for a project or a paper.

Another podcast showed me how watching a video and actually listening was so much easier than sitting and reading about it. It was not as boring and it kept me "awake". Others seemed to do the same. The podcasts were generally really good teaching strategies and I thought they would be very helpful in the classroom.

I loved how one of the podcasts acutally talked about differnt technology tools and how they could be used in education. This helped show differnt aspects of technology and new improved gadgets that aid in educational learning.

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