Sunday, June 7, 2009


ACCESS seems to be a great opportunity for teachers and students. Access offers many great advatages. Students can complete many courses that they may not be offered through online classes. By using this kind of technology students can interact with other students that do not go to they same school they do. The distance learning is both good for teachers as well as students. It gives both an opportunity to interact with people they do not get to see on a reagular basis. Students can now access classes that were not available to them earlier. The powerpoint even states that some schools in Alabama are not equiped for the Advanced Diploma. It is state law that schools are supposed to be. With this new technology it is now available to those students who wish to take that degree plan.
I believe this is great for students who wish to broden their horizons but are limited to what is taught in their particular school. Coming from a high school that did not have many different electives to choose from or a lot of AP classes this is a great opportunity for those students. The only disadavantge is the student must be motivated enough to keep up with their work and to comprehend the lecture because there is no one there to watch over you.

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  1. Right. But how do we motivate students to WANT to learn?