Sunday, June 28, 2009

IPODS for Instruction

After visiting the website and watching the PowerPoint I can see I real usefulness in using Ipods for educational purposes that I couldn't see before. In 2004 Duke University gave all first year freshman an Ipod. They have seen immense results after doing so. I have an Ipod and I never thought to use it for many things that students at Duke use one for everyday.

One use out of the Ipod is using one for a recorder. This now means no more note taking. One can record the whole lecture and never have to write one thing down. They can just record it and replay it later for studying. This creates the study aid of repetition. You can hear it over and over to memorize it. Another great use for Ipods is the use outside of the classroom. If you have a project to do that requires an interview you can just let the Ipod do the work for you. It can record the whole interview and save it for you until later.

After reading many of the findings Duke made in its first year experiment I think using Ipods in the classroom is a great idea. Yes, it is expensive, but what is a price on education. This new technology can defiantly help in the future of educating students.

The website used for this information was Click on the powerpoint

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  1. And now there is a Japanese high school giving every student a cellphone!