Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Being Inspired, Part 1" Thoughts

After reading Jarrod Lamshed's blog about the different new methods he has learned since incorporating different technologies into the classroom I can see how going out of your comfort zone can have a huge impact on the classroom. Mr. Lamshed talked about how reading Mr. Chamberlain's blog entries and Mr. Mcclung's blog posts showed him how the borders of the classroom go way beyond the walls. It can extend all the way around the world to other classrooms thanks to technology. By using skype Mr. Lamshed was able to communicate with another classroom and have those students experience the presence of Mr. Lamshed as though he was really there. He was also able to talk to another classroom about the book Holes. Both classrooms were reading the book at the same time and they both found it interesting how two classrooms on different sides of the world could be experiencing the same things.It is interesting how Mr. Lamshed embraced the new technology and used it without really asking many questions or even doubting himself.

All of this information was found at
Mr. Lamshed's Blog


  1. Thanks for your comments and for the link to our class site. It's great to see you guys learning this stuff at the teacher training level. Good luck with your studies.

    Jarrod Lamshed

  2. Another connection from the other side of the world. Mr. Lamshed posted Part 2 of his inspired series. Read it. Also watch the videos. I think you will be insired as well.