Sunday, June 7, 2009


"Quality for Every Facet of Learning", this is the slogan that appears on the ALEX website. This website is designed to help educators, parents, and students alike. One thing ALEX is good for is that it shows students what is expected of them as well as involving them to understand what is going on in there school.
A few things that are set forth to provide services on this website is lesson plans to show students certain things can be expected of them. This website also provides an addendum of what teachers, parents and students should be expected to understand at each grade level.
I believe this website is a great tool to help kids prepare for their classes. They can already look ahead and see what they could go ahead and work on so that they can be ahead of the class rather than behind them. This also helps teachers in a way that now they can institute things into their curriculum and get more positive results by being able to let the kids see what is going on.

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  1. I am not as convinced that ALEX is all that great when compared to ACCESS. What do you think?