Monday, June 22, 2009

I thought the first podcast i listened to was remarkable. The students that conducted it seemed to have been doing those type of things for a while. They were all very knowledgeable about al lthe technologies; therefore, they were capable to ask intresting questions. All the students definitly did their homework before the podcast. After hearing it I can now understand different social networking sites that can help students after the class is over. They also talked about how you-tube can be used for educational information. They can put up powerpoints and virtual tours for the students. This podcast was very proffessional and what I hope ours can be like.
After hearing the second podcast I heard a huge difference. The second group gave diffferent websites to visit for help in the classroom. They did bring up very good points, but most of what they were talking about was only good in elementary classrooms. They did not incorporate middle or high school students into the podcast. All three websites would help in the lesson plans, but it gives the notion that all you need to do is go tothe website and everything will fall in your lap. In reality it is not really like that.This podcast was no as proffessional as the first one, but it still had a lot of great information in it.

The website used for the first podcast is
Podcast 1

The second website used was
Podcast 2

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