Monday, June 22, 2009

After watching both podcasts I can see that both sets of students are highly above average when it comes to technology when it comes to the rest of us. I do believe I am prepared to tach these students. Not because I think I know more than them, obviously i don't. Not only can i teach these kids things I know how to do, these kids could also teach me. That is what teaching is all about. Not only are you teaching your students, but you are always constently learning from the students also. I believe to become a more effective teacher I just need to research more about technology and try out different things like podcasts and videocasts so that I can effectivly teach my students about them and we can all be on the same wave link. After watching both podcasts I am very shocked with how advanced these kids are considering they are probably younger. I also believe that it is great that they do know how to do most of those type of things. They are already more advanced than over half the people their age. This will definaitly have a postive effect on them one day by knowing more about technology.

websites I used were


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  1. You will watch even more amazing sites later in this course.