Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wikipedia. Is it really reliable?

After reading many of the posts about Wikipedia I now see where it is a total unreliable website for accurate information. I myself have used wikipedia many times trusting that the facts were true that I was reading, but in fact many of them could had been falsified by the companies or people that the stories were about. Even a random person could change information on Wikipedia.

A lot of the people and companies that change information are users you would never expect such as: Walmart, Exxon, and even the CIA. With the help of a new scanner program developed by Virgil Griffith anyone who gets on Wikipedia can see who has edited the information on a particular page. With this new aid Wikipedia may soon become increasingly more reliable as long as no one comes out with a new technology to make the names unknown again.

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  1. Well, not totally unreliable. You just have to be cautious and if there is reason to believe there might be a bias, check other sources.